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Doctoral Programme

 Doctoral programme

There are a number of courses offered through the IGB doctoral programme to enhance elemental skills important to all researchers regardless of their specific topic. Some are suitable and recommended in an early stage of the project (e.g. experimental planning and basic statistics, oral and poster presentations) while some are better suited in later stages of the doctoral research (e.g. scientific writing). All courses are tailored to the participant's specific needs and most are taught by IGB scientists. Kirsten Pohlmann is responsible for the doctoral programme and teaches a number of the offered courses. For more information and registration please click on the course names below.

Suggestions on additional courses you might find helpful are welcome!

Unless stated otherwise, all courses are taught in English.

You will receive further information and confirmation of your participation after the registration deadline.

Please note that due to the COVID19 pandemic we are  teaching some courses in online formats or with reduced participant numbers to ensure your safety