Scientific writing 2019

18. März, 9:00 bis 22. März 2019, 19:00 Uhr

IGB, Müggelseedamm 310, seminar room

Die Anmeldefrist für die Veranstaltung ist leider abgelaufen.

Thomas Mehner is offering the next of his scientific writing courses to you. This is a really fascinating course in which you will write your first publication and actually get it ~90% ready within that week. This experience will speed up all your future paper writing considerablly by teaching you a highly efficient approach and providing immediate feedback.

January 31st you have to have all results, graphs, statistics and an outline ready in order to being admitted to the course. For details please read "Content and Conditions" carefully!

Please only register after you have read all details below!
Please register ASAP! The order of registration determines participation.
If you have any questions or if you encounter difficulties registering, please contact me by email!
Best wishes


Inhalt und Vorraussetzungen

This course is suitable for PhD students in a later stage of research who have sufficient evaluated data for a publication and an overview of the relevant literature 


Lecturer: Dr. Thomas Mehner

This course will not be theoretical, but aims to support writing of your first scientific paper. Therefore, there are some requirements. About 1-2 months before the course (date announced above) you need to have prepared the material outline for a paper, in close cooperation with your supervisor. Outline means

  • all necessary (or even a few more) figures, converted into .wmf (Windows metafile), .tiff or similar graphics format
  • all tables in Word format (use the table function, not the tabulator)
  • all statistical tests with any detail (direct SPSS/other program output)
  • suggested audience of the paper (limnology, microbiology, ecology, fisheries management, evolution, aquaculture,…)

This material must be available in both digital and hardcopy format.
From this material, we will interactively and step-by-step develop a paper that should be ready for submission at 90% after the course.
What the course will
not cover
* language training (but I will correct all mistakes as far as I can)
* data evaluation and statistics
* production of graphics and tables

Accordingly, this will be mainly a teacher-guided, active-learning, peer-based course, not teaching content, but teaching how to write!

We will work in the small lecture room MSD 310. Please bring your own laptop or let us know if you need an IGB PC-client instead.

Number of attendees: 6

Presence time: Monday to Friday each
8 hours á 45 minutes, 8:30 -11:30, 12:30-15:30
Reserve at least
four full hours additionally per day for homework after the presence time! Therefore, there will be no time for other research activities during this week. Please organize your work accordingly!

The attendees will be selected in the order of registration. However, the lecturer will check the availability of the material outline 1-2 months in advance. Potential attendees not having prepared the material till this date will be replaced by next students on the list.
Students working on their first publication will get priority over more experienced writers. All further details will be distributed to the attendees after registration.




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